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Maboroshi No Taki, Daiginjo 720ml

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幻の瀧 大吟釀
Maboroshi No Taki, Daiginjo 720ml

Item No. 195092
Rice Type: 山田錦
Rice Polish Rate: 50%
Sake Meter Value: +4
Acidity: 1.4
Vol.: 16%

皇國晴酒造株式会社 | 創業年:1887年 (明治20年) | 杜氏:越後杜氏 長谷川 章 |
水源:名水百選 立山玉殿 黑部峽谷 地下120米深層の超滑湧水
酒蔵始於江戶時代富山県創業。富山受惠於得天獨厚的自然環境,盛產名水。 從而成就了皇国晴酒造至今釀造美酒的時代。 [幻之瀧]是酒蔵全體從業員精心打造的品牌,己多次榮獲全日本新酒鑑評會金 賞受賞,在全國業界樹立了良好口碑。
"Manoroshi no Taki" is started in Tomiyama in the Edo Period. Tomiyama is blessed by a natural environment spring water.
"Manoroshi no Taki" is by all practitioners carefully built sake brand, it has won several of Japan Fine Sake Awards-Gold prize, and a good legend was established by the whole country industry.


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