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Taiheizan, Kimoto Junmai Shingetsu 720ml

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太平山 生 純米 神月
Taiheizan, Kimoto Junmai Shingetsu
2015年日本燗酒Contest 最高金賞,
2013~14年 Fine Sake Awards 金獎

Item No. 195089
Rice Type: 美山錦
Rice Polish Rate: 59%
Sake Meter Value:+3
Acidity: 1.9
Vol.: 15%

小玉釀造株式会社 | 創業年:1897年 | 杜氏:猿田修、藤田喜代美 | 水源:白神山地伏流水
小玉釀造株式會社 起源於1897年的秋田縣,四周都是米田。『太平山』酒名源自 秋田市的靈峰 - 太平山,其清酒在日本大受歡迎,屢獲國際殊榮。1934年從5169個 參賽單位中脫穎而出,奪得 "Annual National Sake Competition" 中最高榮譽。 能夠一直保持這樣的佳績及品酒專家的肯定,全歸功於它對傳統釀酒方法的堅持和 把『太平山』米的原味和故鄉風味實實在在表現出來。品質和味道都是最優質、最 罕有的,令人一試難忘,回味無窮!
Taiheizan Brewing Co. originated in 1897, Akita Prefecture, surrounded by rice fields. Brewing name from Akita - Taiheizan mountain,,Its sake popular in Japan, and get the award-winning. In 1934 Participating units from 5169 to won the "Annual National Sake Competition" the highest.
Have been able to maintain this success and certainly tasting experts, all adhere to its traditional brewing methods and the "Taihezan" flavor rice. Quality and taste are the highest quality, it is an unforgettable experience.


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