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Juyondai, Nakadori Junmai Muroka 1800ml

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十四代 中取り 純米酒 無濾過
Juyondai, Nakadori Junmai Muroka 1800ml

Item No. 195061
Rice Type: 美山錦
Rice Polish Rate: 55%
Sake Meter Value: +2
Acidity: 1.2
Vol.: 15%

The special fragrant perfume smells pleasantly like a melon. It has been completed showily relatively as a Junmai Sake class. That it's included, good juicy sweets of a balance.

「十四代」由山形縣的高木酒造釀製,該酒廠創業於平成時期有逾300年歷史,被譽為「幻之酒」 的日本山形縣清酒「十四代」,以愛山米、山田錦米及山形米,加入山形縣最清澈的最上川河水, 釀出芳香醇厚的美酒。
十四代於1994年左右的被受歡迎, 作為當時淡麗辣味的日本酒領導者,果味醇香甘甜的十四代大 吟釀酒登場了。
其中要數「十四代 極上諸白 龍泉」最矜貴。
"Juyondai " of Takagi Zoshu brewing at Yamagata prefecture, and the establishment of a business beyond the history of over 300 years at Heisei time and is applauded Japan Yamagata refined sake with "the liquor of the illusion" for " Juyondai ", and the Yamagata rice produced in joins the water of the cleanest top river of Yamagata with Aiyama, Yamada-nishiki and begins to brew excellent sake with sweet thickness. appeared in Daiginjo as leader sake of then dry taste sake in being welcomed around 1994 for Juyondai when incense of the smart alcohol of the fruit was sweet for Juyondai. Specially "Fine sake Ryuusen most pride highest for Juyondai ".


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