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Yamatan Masamune, Junmai Ginjo Shizuku-hime 720ml

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山丹正宗 純米吟醸 雫媛
Yamatan Masamune, Junmai Ginjo
Shizuku-hime 720ml

Item No. 195059
Rice Type: しずく媛
Rice Polish Rate: 50%
Sake Meter Value: +4
Acidity: 1.8
Vol.: 16%

The Junmai Ginjo sake by which sake brewing suitable rice from Ehime-ken "Shizukuhime".
"Nature" "Warm" "Shiny" as the image such was expressed by sake In Ehime. Soft and fruity fragrance.

株式会社八木酒造部 | 創業年:1831年 | 杜氏:村上 浩由 | 水源:四国石槌山山脈伏流水

山丹正宗的釀造廠家的八木造酒部,於江戶時代,幕府的末期1831年(天保2年),愛媛縣今 治市創業。
銘柄的來歷,首創者八木治兵衛於出生地「丹波屋」及那個「 正宗」的花紋的商號與名 刀"正宗" 的相似而命名。從1996年(平成8年) 開始標誌變更為「山丹正宗」。此標誌用上 設計政府宣傳和關西國際機場標記有名的設計師松井桂三先生,他於1997年獲得日本包裝 設計大獎的金賞。 山丹正宗創業以來,傾向釀造質量的熱情及注入真誠釀造而成的山丹正宗高質量清酒,耀 眼地取得獨立行政法人酒類綜合研究所主辦的全國新酒鑒評論會獲得多次獎項,以及其他 各品評會也獲得優秀的成績,獲得到高評價的讃賞。
The brewery for "Yamatan Masamune", Yagi Shozu, was founded in year 1831 (Tenpo 2 Years) during the Edo period, in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture.
The origins of brand was from the logo of founder's birthplace, "Tamba-ya". This logo " " was similar to one famous sword "Masamune", thus "Masamune" was authorized as the brand name. From year 1996 (Heisei 8 Years), the brand name and the logo was changed to "Yamatan Masamune". The designer of the new logo is Mr Matsui Keizou. He is a famous designer who won the Japan Packaging Design Awards in year 1997, and designed huge political propaganda and Kansai International Airport.
Since the establishment, the enthusiasm for quality and the authentic high-quality sake has been won many prizes from New Sake Awards, Japan by the Institute of Alcoholic Research of Independent Administrative Legal Aid, and other excellent results, getting high praise reward.


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