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Tenryo, Choki Reizou Jukusei Junmai Daiginjo Yamadanishiki 720ml

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天領 長期冷藏熟成 純米大吟釀 山田錦
Tenryo, Choki Reizou Jukusei Junmai
Daiginjo Yamadanishiki 720ml

Item No. 195056
Rice Type: 山田錦
Rice Polish Rate: 35%
Sake Meter Value: +3
Acidity: NIL
Vol.: 15-16%

此酒在長期保持攝氏10度、被喻為最佳熟成氣溫的 冷藏庫下熟成及貯藏。
This sake extends over a long term and maintains 10 degrees centigrade of best in admonition comes to maturity in a refrigerator and saves up.

天領酒造株式会社 | 創業年:1680年 | 杜氏:片桐一成 | 水源:北阿爾卑斯山 (飛驒山脈)地下30米深の伏流水(軟水)
天領』始創人上野田先生在岐阜飛驒及下呂一帶行商,發現當地人情濃厚、環境優美、 人潔地靈。於延寶8年 (1680年),決定定居下呂,並創立『天領』釀酒廠。現任杜氏.片 桐一成,繼承了前任杜氏渡邊勇先生的豐富經驗及光輝成績,在釀酒的過程中不斷吸收經驗,追求「品質至上」主義,釀造出最高品質的清酒。
天領清酒獲獎無數,包括8屆全國新酒鑑評會金賞、2屆International Wine Challenge 金賞、18屆名古屋國税局酒類鑑評會金賞等。2011年起,「大吟醸 天領」更成為日本 JAL國內線頭等艙專用清酒,可謂在國內、外均享譽盛名。
Eight generations have now followed the path started by Mr. Sahe Hinoya, the founder of Tenryo Brewery Co., Ltd, in producing the high-grade sake. Brewer, Katagiri Katsunari, succeed the experience and rewarded result, learns and absorbs, running for the spirit of "Quantity is the best", to brew the sake with the best quality.
Tenryo has been rewarded 8 years of Sake Awards, Japan, 2 years of International Wine Challenge, etc. Starting from year 2011, their sake was used at the Japan Air Line first class, showing its popularity in Japan and over the world.


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