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Kokushimuso, Junmai Mini Komotaru 300ml

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国士無双 純米 迷你菰樽
Kokushimuso, Junmai Mini Komotaru 300ml

Item No. 195051
Rice Type: 雪光米
Rice Polish Rate: 60%
Sake Meter Value: +3
Acidity: 1.3
Vol.: 14-15%

It was easy to drink by moderate dry Junmai Sake matchless person liked widely by the refreshing taste was stuffed into the miniature size of straw mat barrel. One piece by which New Year's and rejoicings can taste feeling of origin liquor casually. It's also most suitable for a present and a gift.

高砂造酒 | 創業年:明治42年 | 杜氏:森本良久 | 水源:旭川忠別川的地下水
「國士無雙」戰爭結束後昭和20年代開始昭和30年代初,為提高清酒的產量,大 部分的造酒製造廠用少的原料米稍微用水稀釋清酒以生產出大量的清酒,因此只可 生產出辛口味兒的酒。昭和40年代中後期,酒的味道和質量被重新重視,轉變為喜 愛帶甜味的清酒,甜味清酒全盛時代得以持續了,同時高質量的辛口味清 酒的需求提高了。高砂造酒抓緊時代的方向,下定決心釀造出高質量了的辛口 味清酒「國士無雙」。
"Kokushimuso" from 1945 's when I had only no dry sake because most making sake manufacturers tried to brew more quantity of sake from a little raw material, and the alcohol content was raised, and it was being thinned with water, the beginning in 1955 's. When worry of a raw material was dying of the reaction, sake was changed to sweet quickly. Sweet best days continued for a while, but the taste of the sake and the quality were the middle in 1965 's after that, and started to begin to be asked about once more, and needs for high-quality dry sake increased. That Takasago sake brewing became a priest and sent out into the world will get a flow in such time immediately, and is dry sake "Kokushimuso".


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